DMP and me

Hi there, I’m Bridget; I am a Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist with ADMP UK (Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK) holding an MA from Goldsmiths College, University of London.

I had an amazing three years of study and met some wonderful, warm, inspiring people, and shall treasure that special time forever.

I am now out of the uni kinesphere and settling in to this new identity having taken huge leap from my previous profession of marketing. It feels good – like a new pair of shoes you love and desired but still need a little wearing in. My training was an experience I shall treasure forever, and thank the beautiful group of women who shared the j-word with me.

This blog is a continuation of the regular journal we were encouraged to keep during the MA – but, rather more legible. I aim to chart the ups and downs and spirals encountered on my route to finding work within this little-known but powerful creative arts therapeutic discipline.

I’m new to blogging and sure to make mistakes, faux pas and say the wrong thing in the wrong voice – just like real life. But I’m continuing to learn and hope that I never stop and maintain curiosity – as my late grandmother did.

Thank you for ‘seeing’ me.

Me in river

Graduate Show, June 2014: The River




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